Special Services Business Unit was created to provide support to pharmaceutical partners in three main areas:

  • New product development
  • Quality Control, Analysis and QA services
  • Clinical Trials Management

New product development
Based in its 20-years consolidated experience the Business Units is able to carry out pre-formulation studies, preparation of lab-pilot-industrial batches, optimization of manufacturing processes, preparation of technical dossier for registration.
The Business Unit is a complete partner in all the phases of the product development.

QC-QA Services
The Business Units is able to perform chemical and microbiologial tests on raw materials and finished products. Furthermore it can develop and validate the analytical methods in accordance with ICH guidilines.

Clinical Trials Management
The Business Unit is able to work together with pharmaceutical companies or the CROs in the management of logistic aspects of clinical trials. In full compliance with GMP and GLP standards it can prepare active drug products and placebo, including production, analytical tests, packaging in single or double blind randomized scheme, delivery to the clinical centres involved, collection of unused materials.


For any information you can contact our staff calling us, sending us an email or using the form in the Contact page.