The area allocated to the operation was remodelled in the 1980s. In particular, the section used for powder blending and filling into pouches was created from scratch in 1996 to accommodate large-volume blending equipment and allow for use of flow-bins in feeding the packaging plant. During recent years the Department has been upgraded through the acquisition of new equipments.

Annual Capacity
Tablets a coated tablets 450 million units
Capsules 350 million units


Special plant area totally dedicated to coated pellets equipment with organic solvent system.
European production centre of Loxen capsules (Novartis).

Annual Capacity
Coated pellets 110 million units

Operation highlights:

  • Entirely remodelled area
  • Two filling lines: one for gas-protected solutions and the other for plain oral solutions
  • Filling in class 10,000 condition
  • Fully validated equipment and system
  • Compliance with US FDA standards.

Solution Preparation

Solution Packaging

Annual Capacity
Solutions (including nasal spray with separate pomp)
Two filling lines
15 million units

This plant has two lines, one for suppository production in PVC/PE strips and the other in Aluminium/Aluminium strips.

The whole production cycle, beginning from excipients moulding up to final packaging, is fully integrated and automatic in order to guarantee a continuous reproduction of operation parameters and very short production time.

Annual Capacity
Suppositoris 60 million units

This department, whose lines are equipped whit state-of the art control system (single filled alveolus monitoring, bar code readers etc.), is involved primarily whit the following:

Solid forms in blister packs
(PVC/ALU, ALU/ALU, PET/ALU, PP/ALU, PVC/ACLAR) The high production capability was recently increased by installing a new Marchesini MB421 ALU/ALU line (2008).

Solid forms in bottles and tubes

Annual Capacity
7 lines 100 million blisters
Bottle Packaging (2 lines) 5 million bottles


  • Compliance with standards of US FDA and other regulatory agencies.
  • Two filling lines, one with a screwed dosage system and the other with a clamped or pressed dosage system.
  • Continuous monitoring of closure system torque.
  • Filling in Class 10,000 condition.
  • Fully validated equipment and system.
Annual Capacity
Nasal Sprays (crimped pump) 8 million bottles


  • Entirely segregated area with a high efficiency dust emission control system.
  • Complete manufacturing and packaging line for solid dosage forms: from granulation to final packaging of blister cards into cartons.
  • Possibility to obtain special packaging presentations (5-layer film blister cards, child-resistant presentation).
  • Fully validated equipment and system.
Annual Capacity
Potent tablets 180 million tablets


  • Compliance with standards US FDA
  • Two compounding and mixing lines
  • Two sachet filling and packaging lines
  • Flexibility in dosage volumes and sachet size
  • Powder handling in fully enclosed environment
  • Automated pneumatic transport system
Annual Capacity
Sachets (2 lines) 180 million sachets


  • One 600 litres preparation vessel
  • Flexibility in dosage and tube size
Annual Capacity
Creams 3 million tubes
  • Chemical testing of raw materials and finished products
  • Microbial testing of raw materials, finished products, and for environmental hygiene
  • Testing of packaging materials
  • Stability studies in accordance with ICH guidelines
  • Development and validation of analytical methods in accordance with ICH guidelines

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