Mipharm: Agreement with Samso to redevelop the production site in Milan

Friday February 5th, 2021
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4 May 2018

Deal for 1.1 million euros, a trigeneration plant will be installed in order to satisfy 57% of the demand for electricity, 100% of thermal energy and 30% of cooling energy.

Milan, 21st January 2021

Mipharm enters into an agreement with Samso SPA, ES.Co., Energy Service Company specialized in the design and financing of energy efficiency interventions for the redevelopment of the production site, located in Milan. The agreement with Samso, for an investment of 1.1 million euros, stems from Mipharm’s intention to start a path towards environmental sustainability, as an opportunity for growth, reducing emissions and energy consumption.
“Our approach to sustainability – he comments Maurizio Silvestri, President of Mipharm Spa – for responsible growth is to progressively choose innovative solutions that bring significant improvements in terms of environmental impact and protection of the health and safety of all our collaborators. As a result, we have chosen to build a trigeneration plant as our first goal in 2021 to replace the current traditional plant”.
“The project proposed to Mipharm – he comments Igor Bovo, CEO of Samso Spa – will lead the company to achieve important environmental and economic saving results. Reducing energy consumption means increasing competitiveness on the market, doing good for the environment. The world of the pharmaceutical industry is heavily investing in the green economy and we are proud to be able to collaborate with this company to help it achieve the goals it has set itself in terms of efficiency and sustainability “.
Samso estimates that the annual CO2 emissions into the atmosphere will be reduced overall by 374 tons at the Mipharm production site, equivalent to the action produced per year by about 2700 trees. As ES.co., Samso will finance the entire amount of the work and will then take care of the management and maintenance of the installed systems for 10 years, providing a Mipharm the energy produced. In the next months, Samso will proceed with the installation of a trigeneration system, a technology capable of simultaneously producing electricity, heat and fridge. C.on the whole it will produce 57% of electricity needs, 100% of thermal energy consumption, for the production of superheated water and 30% of cooling energy.
Designed on the needs of the company to ensure maximum efficiency, the plant will consist of a cogenerator with a power of 500 kWe and a thermal power of 650 KWt, and a 176 kWf absorber for the production of cold water dedicated to cooling the warehouses and the refrigeration of production areas. Samso will also carry out a redevelopment of the thermal power plant, replacing the existing boiler, with a new high efficiency, superheated water, 2100 KWt which is used Mipharm for the production process.

Samso is an Energy Service Company (E.S.Co.) certified under UNI 11352, specializing in the design, construction, financing of energy efficiency interventions and the installation of zero-emission charging points for sustainable mobility. During 2019, Samso’s business allowed over 300 customers to save about 20,000 TOE (tonnes of oil equivalent); the company has designed and installed plants for 25 MW of power, investing over 10 million euros in Project Financing operations.

SAMSO operates throughout the Italian territory where it is present with three offices in Milano, Padova and Salerno.