Mipharm on the AboutPharma magazine

Friday May 4th, 2018
(Italiano) Mipharm, polo di aggregazione nel CDMO
15 December 2016
Mipharm: Agreement with Samso to redevelop the production site in Milan
5 February 2021


Excerpt from “AboutPharma April 2018 – N. 157

“Jobs under evolution: the Tech Transfer Specialist”

The analysis of the future of life science professions continues with the manager who takes care of the transfer of production from laboratory to factory or from one production site to another one. Compared to the past, this manager has more skills and could come also from past experiences not typical of the chemical-pharmaceutical area.

“Cross-functional and capable of suggesting innovations: this is how the companies want this manager”

The head of the technology transfer of Mipharm, Stefania Pagani, tells her own experience: in the future, the role will require a growing competence in the big data analysis and in collaborating with the various business functions.


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